I finished up the majority of the prewriting for To Weather the Storm last night, to the point that I can actually plot. Yay!

Been playing around with StoryLines, a program specifically designed for organising plotting/prewriting notes. Very nifty program. Nice being able to notecard without fear of a little black feline fiend zooming through and fucking everything up.

So I started plotting. I’ve got 16 scenes so far. I’m estimating about 2k per scene, with the exception of the interludes with the Lords of the Void, which should be under 1k each. I need somewhere between 50 – 65 scenes, since I want the book to end up between 100 – 120k.

Now it’s just a matter of tying all the threads together. I’ve got a couple of unknown factors, too, which isn’t helping much. Well. Not unknown so much as … I know their attitudes and that they’ll get involved in the book, but I’m not sure how they’re going to get involved, or what happens when they do. *sigh*

Granted, this is normal for me. The actual plotting doesn’t usually take more than a couple days, but my mind ends up in, like, hypedrive while I’m banging away at it. 😛

As I’ve been working on this for the past three and a half hours, I’m taking a fuckin’ break.

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  1. Interesting software. I tried the trial version myself, but since I’m not a good outliner when it comes to stories, it didn’t really work well for me. Great that you find it so useful though.

    Well, keep up the great work. Enjoy your break and Hope your story turns out well.


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