Call for Moderators

(x-posting from Evo)


A handful of members who understand the direction we have Evo heading toward and would like to take a more active role about the community.

Evolution’s direction:

Evolution is a community for writers to focus more on the actual act of writing. We’re here to help people learn the basics of writing and submitting, true, but our main focus is to share our common love of writing itself. We want our members to develop their skills and comfort levels with writing — but not to forsake their initial love of the act with the stress and pressures of ultimately reaching publication.

What you’ll need:

Evolution, even though we have been around for a couple years, is still very much in its infancy.

Because of that, moderators need to be able to devote actual time and energy to the community — encouraging discussions with members and helping to come up with activities (and running said activities) to take place around the boards and in chat.

If interested: please PM one of the administrators: Amme, Nonny, or Morgan.

Have questions?

Feel free to ask them here. 🙂

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