It’s been a hellish week. I haven’t gotten much done in regards to writing due to a fibromyalgia flare, combined with nausea from acclimation to birth control.

Also, I’ve been having some difficulty with the chapter I’m on of Resurrection. Mainly because I think it would work better in Orell’s point of view — but I haven’t used it before in the book and I don’t know if I will again. Also, I need to dip Xalidora’s (other villain) thoughts, because he’s semi-telepathic. My inner censor is screaming, “Head-hopping! Bad girl! No donut!” 🙄

*beats head against desk*

I’m probably going to end up handwriting it — as for some reason, that seems to help anytime I get into a sitch like this. Unfortunately, my hands don’t tolerate it as well as they used to. *muttergrumble*

In regards to pen names, at this point I’m pretty much wavering between Elisabeth N. Morgan and Elisabeth Drake. Someone commented on my LJ post about the subject that there was a famous court case some years back regarding an Elizabeth Morgan, so there might be some negative associations with the name. However, I really do like it — but I like Elisabeth Drake, as well. (Which is a pen name I’d considered before.)

I’m so indecisive. 🙄

Also working on stuff for A&B — next lecture is due tomorrow, so I need to get that finished sometime today. I’ve got it mostly written from last class, but there are a few things I’m going to add/edit.

Book in a Week starts today over at Evolution. I’ve got a 10k goal for this week. Let’s see if I can do it. *crosses fingers*