The Scene From Hell

OK, made some progress yesterday on the Scene From Hell. I think I got roughly 1k done on it, but I haven’t finished it. However, I’m through the worst; I left off right around when the sex was starting. I just need to write that, and then I switch back to the heroine’s POV, which I’m much more comfortable with. (And, honestly, I’d thought the heroine’s scene was next — I’d completely forgotten about this one.)

With all luck, it should speed up. I haven’t gotten much written on Stronger, but between beating my head against the wall with this chapter, miscellaneous health issues/complications, and teaching A&B, I think I’m just glad to finally be making progress on the chapter. LOL.

I think I’ve gotten the inner critic to stop bitching about the supposed “head-hopping” in the scene. It’s really not, because the POV character is a telempath, and I establish that early in the scene. *shakes head*

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