Tentative plan…

So I’ve been thinking about Wings of Steel recently. I’d originally intended to do the necessary prewriting to expand it into a novel while teaching A&B. Between Stronger, Resurrection, teaching the course, adminning Evo, etc, that hasn’t happened.

I love the story and the characters and want to get back to it. But it’s going to take a lot of work to make it into a novel. So I got to thinking … what’s stopping me from writing it as both a novelette and a novel?

Nothing, really. Except I need to figure out what direction I’d take it as a novelette.

The tentative plan at this point:

Finish Resurrection
Pick up where I left off on Wings of Steel
Finish it
Attempt to sell it as a short novelette to an epublisher

Then, later, expand it into a novel and see if I can sell it. More likely than not, the novelisation would fall more towards the fantasy side, whereas the novelette would mostly focus on the romance.

At least, that’s the tentative plan as of now. Who knows, it might change again. 🙄

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