Acceptance! *squee*

About a week or so ago, I read the submissions call for Freya’s Bower Bites line on their blog and on Romance Divas. After asking a few questions of one of their editors on the RD thread, I went ahead and submitted my query and writing sample early April 9th.

Ironically, the writing sample I submitted was a rough draft from Resurrection. This one, actually.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a response:

Hello Heidie.

Congratulations! It’s official! You’re a new Freya’s Bower Bites author. Welcome aboard!

You are also in the running for the books that will be awarded soon.

Youwill be contacted soon with prompts for your two stories and a contractfor the first rough draft and final drafts will be emailed to you.

Again, congratulations!

Faith Bicknell-Brown

Cue mad squeeing. 😀

I’m really looking forward to this. Some of y’all who knew me back in 2003 remember I used to write erotica and erotic romance stories, but stopped for various reasons, one of them being marketability. Some of my work is very dark, and I’m still working on finding “homes” for those pieces — but the more romantic erotic pieces I have, I couldn’t find a home for, either. At the time, there were erotic romance ebook pubs, but they wanted novellas or longer, and most of my stuff was under 10k.

As for the erotica markets, well … they seemed to mostly be aimed at contemporary/literary than SF/F, with some exceptions. Now, I do stuff with a more “literary” tone to it, but even that has fantastic elements and would be classified as slipstream/experimental. I’ve tried to write contemporary without any fantastic elements … it really doesn’t work.

As I had several stories that I had difficulty finding homes for, I decided to work on other things instead. It’s not like I don’t have enough ideas clamoring for my attention, after all. 🙄

The different categories I mentioned interest in writing are paranormal romance, fantasy, gay/lesbian (I’m sure you’re so surprised), and werewolf/vampire. So, basically, I get to write just the sort of stuff I love. Whee! 😀

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  1. The erotic romance and erotica market is HOT right now. Every single epublisher and NY ones are begging for them. So before it becomes saturated you should jump into the bandwagon. Congrats on getting to be a Freya bite writer! *does the Ren & Stimpy happy/joy dance* Can wait to read your stuff! *g*

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