Book in a Week!

June 24 – 30 is Book in a Week at Evolution. I know some of y’all who read my blog have been having difficulties attaching seat to chair… so maybe this will provide some incentive. 😉

The FAQs:

What is Book-In-A-Week?

It’s a 7 day challenge designed to let you write without worry about pesky rules, inner editors, or stuffy internal critics. Our book in a week challenges will run from Saturday to Friday, your time zone.

Do I have to write a whole book in the week?


You can pick your own challenging goal. For example, if on a normal day you write three pages (750 words), you might want to declare a goal of five or six pages for each day.

Pages and word counts seem to be the preferred methods of keeping track. Feel free to pick another if it’s more logical to you.

Do I have to work on a book at all?


Your goal can be on anything writing related. The only rule is that you must be writing new material. Maybe you want to set a goal of a short story a day, or an article a day. Term papers and essays for school can also count.

Can I edit a book during the week?

Not really.

The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and just write. Editing tends to invite those pesky inner demons: critic and editor. For this week we’d like you to set them aside.

Check out the Missions for some editing/revising specific challenges which will run in two month blocks throughout the year.

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