So much for that market…

Anna Genoese posted a long rant/essay regarding GBLT fiction (very good read, btw); one of the things she mentioned is that gay/lesbian romance is not marketable in the traditional print romance field. (Which I tend to agree with; the market exists, but it’s a minority.) I commented, asking if this also affected Tor Paranormals’s guidelines — which currently state that they accept non-traditional romances, including GBLT. Anna herself didn’t reply, but one of her authors did — confirming my suspicion.


I guess that settles that. I’d hoped to submit Stronger there when the revision is completed, but even though I don’t believe the hero’s bisexuality would be an issue, Stronger is the beginning of a stand-alone series. The heroine of the second book is a lesbian. (Or realises she is over the course of the story.)

I feel like I’m the only person who has this “problem.” Yes, the romantic plot is paramount enough to count as romance, but I need to consider the series arc, not just the first book. Which is, to be truthful, annoying — but I suppose it’s a good thing, because it definitely shows I’m not just a one-book author.

In regards to the series arc … well, I suppose it could fly as dark urban fantasy, even though the romantic plots are very integral to the external. Maybe I’m worrying too much.

I have to say, though, I’m somewhat disappointed to hear this about Tor Paranormals. Not just for myself, but because I was looking forward to being able to find non-traditional romances outside of ebooks or trade size print books put out by epublishers. (Which, honestly, I can’t buy on impulse due to the cost.) While I understand and respect their reasons for choosing not to pursue this — as they’re certainly valid — speaking as a reader, I’m disappointed.

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