Well, that settles *that* …

So I went back to Boston to talk with the endocrinologist about the results of the ultrasound and blood tests. I have PCOS. I’m also apparently insulin resistant.

Yay. /sarcasm

On the bright side, apparently the testosterone levels evened out after I went on the pill; she suggested switching me to a different birth control pill which limits how the testosterone affects your system (for the excessive hair growth). So after this month, I’m trying Yasmin … not too concerned about it, because it’s a low dose pill like the one I’m currently on; the main difference is in the type of progesterone used.

In regards to the insulin resistance, she said she could put me on meds, but everything considered, exercise and a glycemic factor-based diet were probably my best options. (It’s not like I shouldn’t be exercising more with the fibro in the first place.)

*sighs* At least now I know what’s going on and can get back to “normal” … the commute to Boston this past week has just been draining.


I feel so behind.

In actuality, I know I’m not. Sunday, I got a chapter of Resurrection and a chapter of Stronger edited, and I took Monday off. (Much to the workaholic Muse’s dismay.)

The medical shebang continues. I haven’t had any problems with any of the medical staff at the Cambridge Hospital, but in order to get there, I have to catch the train, take the subway from South Station to Central Square, and then take a bus to Inman Square, where I walk about two or three blocks to the hospital. The commute is just … draining.

On the bright side, I did get some plot notes written out for ValkyrieWIP. I figured out the major reason I was having trouble plotting. The original story was mainly about the Valkyrie Svava, but the expansion should be about the romance between Svav/a (who is transsexual) and George, a mortal man that zhe sacrifices hir immortality for.

It’s going to be interesting to write, because I want to cover after they’ve “gotten together.” The beginning of the relationship isn’t the end of the story, it’s only the beginning.

But I digress. The problem is that while I have Svav/a fairly well characterised, I don’t know as much about George. Not good, since he’s the romantic interest. So I figure I’ll do a character bio here and get into his head. 🙂

The other thing I’m concerned about is that it might end up longer than I want … sigh. I also have to do some more research because I want there to be a conflict with the immortals. (Shut up, Loki.)

Overall, I’m really excited about this. 😀

My Muse Is A Workaholic

Today I wrote 2136 words, finishing two more chapters in Stronger. I really didn’t expect to end up rewriting as much as I am, but … *shrugs* Oh well. I think it’s coming out a lot better than originally, at least. 🙂

Also edited a chapter in Resurrection.

And I think I’m in the running for the Nitwit of the Week award here. I’d been bouncing emails back and forth with Faith at FB about a couple of possible novellas. I’m serious about the ideas, but wanted to gauge whether or not she would be before doing the development to turn the ideas into full-fledged premises/synopses. She asks me for a rough outline … and I’m still not “getting” that she’s interested. So I get an email saying that she needs something more solid to base a contract on — which floored me, cause I wasn’t even thinking contract. *sigh*

… I wish I could blame it on cramps and PMS, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have made the same mistake ordinarily. 🙄

So in addition to rewriting Stronger and revising Resurrection, I’ll be developing two novellas. I’m going to be a buuuusy kitty. (In a good way.) One of them should be reasonably easy, as I basically need to chart what I’ve already got from the story and develop it further. The other one, a follow-up to the Bites with Arielle and Jackson, will be a bit more complex as I’d like to potentially take that to short novel-length.

And here I am, thinking I’ll be heading to bed fairly shortly, and my Muse is going: “Nuh-uh! You don’t need sleep! You’ve got more work to do!”

My muse is a slave-driving workaholic hell-bitch. (And I love her that way, but don’t tell anyone, mmkay? ;))

May’s Progress (and a couple announcements)

I compiled my wordcount for last month … total: 21699.

Wow. The most I’ve written in a month in a few years has been 10k. Whee.

I wrote or did something writing-related like editing almost every day. There were six days where I didn’t get anything done — considering my various health problems, I don’t think that’s bad. 🙂

In other news, we just posted interviews with Piers Anthony and Kelley Armstrong over at Evolution. Go take a look!

We’ve also started a book review blog. I’ll be posting regularly — my review of Deidre Knight’s Parallel Attraction is up now — and we have other reviewers, too. I’m pretty excited about this. 🙂

All for now… still catching up on stuff that I got behind on this week. 🙄

(Not so) brief update…

The past several days have been … very hectic, to say the least. 🙄

I haven’t managed to get quite as much done as I’d wanted, but it’s been a hellish week.

Morgan was feeling social on Wednesday, so we went out to see X3 with a friend of his. I liked the movie a lot, but I was very disappointed with how they handled Phoenix. I remember watching the animated X-Men series on TV when I was a kid, and there was a lot more conflict and exploration of Phoenix’s character in that then the movie. Which is sad in a way, cause you expect more of a teen/adult movie than from Saturday morning kiddie cartoons. Well worth seeing, despite that, though.

That was the fun bit. The not so fun bit:

I’ve had a sinus headache from hell all week. Literally. It was bad enough that I thought it was a migraine — because I mostly the same symptoms — but meds did pretty much nothing for it. The stuff I normally take for sinus problems didn’t help, either.

Yesterday, I had to go up to Boston to let the vampires collect their vials of blood. I’m seeing an endocrinologist for (extremely) elevated testosterone levels and have to go back again today, after taking an adrenal suppressant, and then again on the 6th for an ultrasound. Then back on the 8th for a follow-up with my doctor. Sometime this month, I also have to see a gyn. I’m on doctor overload here. On the bright side, I haven’t seen anyone who hasn’t been pleasant to deal with yet. (I’m a nurse’s daughter… I was trained from very young not to put up with doctorial bullshit. LOL.)

Boston + forecast of rain + sinus headache = da ebil.

It was bad enough I picked up a box of claritin yesterday — or rather, walgreen’s generic brand, because the price for the brand label is fucking ridiculous — thinking that if it was caused by an allergy of some sort (pollen?), it might help.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

It started my sinuses draining, which increased the headache by a good three times. So. Not. Fun. Add to that, the 85 degree heat (it felt like at least 90, but it was so damned muggy) really hit me hard. Unfortunately, since developing the fibromyalgia, I don’t have the heat tolerance I used to.

I got back to South Station and took the train back home. For once, the train was well air-conditioned, but the shock of going from 85+ heat to something in the high 60s = not good. I was extremely nauseated by that point. Morgan picked me up, we went back home, I got another shock from the heat to cold and lost my lunch.

I pretty much crashed in bed for several hours, and when I woke up, I still had the headache. >_< Then I remembered the bath salts I have that are frickin loaded with eucalyptus. Grabbed the bottle, opened it, took a big whiff, about fell over as the eucalyptus started burning out my sinuses. Okay, not really, but that's what it felt like. Got rid of the headache, though, and don't have one this morning, which is, like, YAY. Writing-wise, I've only managed to revise a couple chapters of Resurrection and write the synopsis. The syno was not as good as I’d want it, but with the headache, I didn’t have the time or concentration to get it the way I want. So I let the male look over it, gave everything a final pass myself, and sent it off right before the contest deadline. Whee!

It’s kinda weird, because, for all that I’ve been writing and submitting this many years, I’ve never submitted a novel before. It’s like … woah. This could really sell. (At least, I hope!)

It’s an … intimidating sort of feeling, in a way. It’s odd, because most unpubbed writers talk about how much they want to be published and how they fear rejection. I don’t fear rejection — never have, really. Even when I was fourteen and fifteen, I had a professional attitude; if it didn’t sell, then I’d just keep shopping it around till it did. (Nowadays, I’m not surprised that none of it did, because it sucked ass, but it was the best I could do at the time, and I was proud of it.)

It’s not rejection I fear. It’s success. I’m not entirely sure why that is, because it seems to be the antithesis of the rest of the writing community. Then again, maybe more people fear it, too, and use rejection as a foil — both from themselves and from the rest of the world.

I dunno. But I’ve got to run here … I’ll probably write more about that later, though. 😉

You Might Be A Fangirl If …

Stolen from Jane at Dear Author:

You Might Be a Fan Girl If
(bold those that apply)
. . .You own more than one copy of a book.

. . .You have emailed or mailed a gushing letter of praise to an author. (Not me — but I’m too shy to do that. 😉 )

. . .You belong to and participate in discussion at an author’s website or listserv.

. . .You have voted in a contest as the behest of an author.

. . .You have rearranged an author’s books at a store to give her greater visual exposure. (RFG) (All the time. Especially when they have, like, ten copies and none are fronted. Dammit.)

. . .You have given “conversion” packages of an authors’ works to another reader.

. . .You have written fan fiction based upon an author’s works. (No, but I’ve wanted to.)

. . .You have given a 5 star review at amazon.com just to counter negative ratings. (RFG)

. . .You have named yourself after a favorite chacter, such as Mrs. Wolf MacKenzie. (RFG)

. . .You see an author’s book at the store but refuse to buy it because it could hurt the author’s bestseller numbers or you buy it and go back and buy a second copy on the release date. (RFG)

. . .You know the street date of an author’s books and what it means.

. . .You have reported a store for violating a street date. (RFG)

. . .You have pretended to be more than one person commenting on someone’s blog in defense of your favorite author. (RFG)