The First Sale

As some of y’all know, we’ve been doing author interviews over at Evolution, the writing community I co-administrate. One of the other admins and I were brainstorming the other day and we’d like to do something a little bit different …

Here’s the deal. We’re looking to feature a quasi-collaborative essay about writers’ first sales. What counts? Anything — a novel to New York, a novella to an epublisher, a short story to a big name market or your college newspaper … whatever. If it counts to you, then it counts for this.

Feel like being chatty about losing your first sale virginity? 😉 Great. Write whatever you’d like, as long as it relates to the subject of your first sale. Also, the essay should be under 500 words, as I imagine there should be a fair bit of response to this.

Send me the essay at [email protected] — and please, just post it in the body of the email. With something this short, it’ll be easier than trying to manage attachments. Also, include your name/pseudonym and a link to your website, which we’ll post along with your essay. 🙂

The deadline will be midnight on July 31st.

If there’s any questions, please feel free to post here or drop me an email. If you’d like to forward this along to other groups/loops/etc, go right ahead.


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