Reviews and other good news

Waking the Shadows received a 3 cups review at Coffeetime Romance and a 4.5 stars review at Euro-Romance. I’m quite pleased, especially with the one from ER. Good thing I’m working on the presequel, huh? 😉

In other news, I mentioned about a month and a half back that I’d entered Resurrection into Liquid Silver’s Satisfy Our Naughtier Side contest. It didn’t win, but I just heard back from Rachel Fox, the main editor. They rejected it, because they felt the heroine resurrecting the Dragonlord trodded too close to necrophilia, especially as a major plot element.

But … they said if I was willing to change this, they’d be happy to look at it again. 🙂

So I wrote her back and asked if they’d want to see just the edited partial or the full edited manuscript. Now, just to wait and see … *crosses fingers*

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  1. Me, too, Silma. 😉

    If they don’t like the rewrite, though, I’ll probably sub to Cobblestone.

    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! 🙂

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