Questing For Titles

I’ve been referring to Resurrection and ArielleWIP for awhile now, but … both are working titles. Resurrection was never supposed to be the final title, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to call the damn thing.

So I sat down yesterday and decided to come up with them. Trying to come up with titles is a royal pain in the ass. I ended up looking at song lyrics and titles for inspiration — a lot of the gothic music I listen to has very complex, poetic lyrics, so I thought it might help. And it did — to the point I got more than one title out of it. 🙂

A Passion Draconic
This will be the new title for Resurrection. I think it fits, because the hero is a dragon shapeshifter. It doesn’t much describe the heroine, but I don’t think I can without having an overly complicated title.

A Caress Vampiric
This book takes place in the same setting — kind of. It’s about the son of a vampire who discovers he is a necromancer and ends up crossing over to the world of A Passion Draconic. I’m actually revamping this one from game notes from a game I GM’d — all the characters and worldbuilding are mine; I just need to excise some of the stuff the other player added that I don’t want to use. 🙂

A Kiss Serpentine
I have no idea what the plot for this is going to be, but I’d intended to do something with the serpent shapeshifters, so … 🙂

Deceived by Twilight
This will be the title for ArielleWIP. I didn’t want anything overly “romance”y for a title. My first two thoughts were The Assassin’s Embrace and Kiss the Blade, but I think this works better for what the story is.

Beyond the Veil
The title for the second Arielle & Jackson novella, if I should write it. I’m thinking that one will deal with the portal reopening and Jackson’s past coming back to hit them both in the face.

How do you come up with your titles? Any new and interesting ones you want to share? 🙂

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  1. I’m terrible about titles. I know a few people who come up with them way before the book is written, but I usually don’t get there until I’m at least halfway through. I like titles that have the same sort of pattern, though, particularly in series, so I like A Passion Draconic and A Caress Vampiric. Also, shapeshifting dragons! Woohoo!

    I’m very proud of my theoretical title for my Vegas Magic book: Stacking the Deck.

  2. Thanks! The setting is full of shapeshifters, actually. It’s a lot of fun. 🙂

    I like the title Stacking the Deck. Goes well with the Vegas theme, I think.

  3. Yeah, me too. Usually, they just kind of “come” to me — I stumbled on the title for Stronger than the Night completely by accident. I was glancing over my playlist for the novel soundtrack, and my eyes caught sight of two songs: “Stronger” and “The Light.” At first, I misread the name as “Stranger” and my mind filled in Stranger to the Light — but that didn’t quite fit. Thought about it a couple minutes longer and Stronger than the Night hit me. (Though SttL is the second book in the series.) 🙂

    If I can’t figure out a title, though, usually it gets called [mc’s name]WIP, or something else. The opening scenario in A Passion Draconic was originally the heroine resurrecting the hero from the dead, hence Resurrection — but with the rewrites, that really doesn’t fit. (And Resurrection is pretty common as a title in the first place.)

  4. Depends. Sometimes titles come to me easily, and sometimes finding a decent title is like pulling teeth… hens’ teeth. My current WIP used to have a fairly bland title that I knew I would have to change; then I was listening to a song that contained the line “I’m nothing so good,” and for some reason, my mind translated that as “Nothing so pure,” which I then realized would work very well as a title for this novel. In contrast, I was able to come up with a title for the sequel fairly easily; I was looking up phrases I would need for a particular scene, and one of them jumped out at me as a possible title.

    One of my WIPs started life with the horrid title Lessons I Never Wanted to Learn. Thankfully, I changed that one fast.

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