OMG! *squee*

I’d sent Waking the Shadows off to Literary Sass about a month back; they’re an especially harsh review blog. They’re veryh onest, though, and some of the things they’ve complained about, I can see and understand their reasons why. I didn’t expect I’d get totally shredded like some of the books they’ve reviewed, but …

They rated it a 1. Both reviewers.

Cue jaw dropping.


I’m also apparently the first author to make it into their “People who subbed their shit and made us love it” category. 😯

OK, someone needs to help scrape me off the ceiling now! LOL

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  1. High five! I just joined you in that category (Ò€œPeople who subbed their shit and made us love itÒ€) and I, too, was on Cloud NINE about it. They are tough and you should be proud. Congratulations!

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