For those of us not attending Nationals …

Since there’s several people who aren’t able / don’t want to attend the annual RWA conference, here’s some of the things going on around the web this week:

  • Book in a Week! I’m running a writing challenge this week over at Romance Divas. Basically, the way it goes, you figure out a goal for this week, write/edit your butt off, and check in for cheers and booyahs. 😉 More info here.
  • Lucy Monroe is holding a Blog Party the entire week, with lots of nifty prizes. There’s lots of cool topics — and all you have to do to be entered in the contests is comment!

Have fun! 😀

3 Replies to “For those of us not attending Nationals …”

  1. I’ve totally forgotten about the blog party. I’ve got to check it out! As for the writing workshops, I’m hoping I can get to Lynn’s blog today and check it out. That is if the virus/hacker decide to cooperate with me. Ugh…

  2. I wish I had found out about the challenge sooner. It’d have helped me. I guess… I’m still having issues with my wereanimals. They all want their own stories. Damn those alpha wereanimals! *lol*

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