Okay, so we had the evil heat on Wednesday. That night, we got in a major-ass storm (looooots of lightning, squee) that cooled down the place some … and knocked out our power. For over twelve hours.

No AC with 98F degree heat, with two people who start getting heatsick at 85? Not good.

We ended up camping in the lobby at Morgan’s work, cause he didn’t think they’d care (they didn’t), and then stayed with a friend/co-worker of his for awhile, till Morgan started falling asleep around 4:30ish.

So we go home. STILL NO POWER.

Eventually, we managed to get to sleep… and there was power in the morning.

Of course, around 11AM, the power started flickering, and went out. Totally. Again. We called the electric company, and apparently several sub-stations in the area were having trouble from the heat, along with a lot of storm/heat damage in the general area. So we drove down to the Borders, which is about 45 minutes away, and camped out there till 9PM — which was the estimated time of repair — only to find, again, no power.

Fortunately, it had cooled off by then…. but not by much. Power came back on sometime in the night and has stayed up since.

*crosses fingers and hopes that it stays up from here on out, cause this was just fucking MISERABLE*

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