Some days, I hate computers.

This morning, my computer was running as slow as molasses in midwinter. I couldn’t figure out why, but Firefox was using 70-150MB of RAM. It should use between 30-50MB. Open Office, the word processor I’ve been using, was taking up around 50MB, even when it wasn’t open. Combined with the miscellaneous other programs I keep open, my computer was moving at a snail’s pace.

Granted, I need to defrag, but it was behaving very oddly for it to be just that. So upgraded Firefox, shut down a couple programs, and installed AbiWord.

AbiWord, however, lagged like a motherfucker when trying to do simple functions like word count. Then, after writing several hundred words, it crashed while I tried to turn off widow/orphan control. >_< Of course, autosave isn't a default function. 🙄 Me = pissed. So, I'm back to Open Office and trying to rewrite what I'd written before. Thankfully, I'd snippeted part of it in chat. And I'm probably going to reinstall Word and see if that works any better. *sighs*

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