Quaking in my little goth boots…

Or something like that. 😉

Miss Snark is opening the Crap-o-meter for submissions tomorrow. Basically, it’s a chance at a public (informative) shredding session of a query and first page.

Masochistic little me? So going for it.

Add to that, the Evil Editor is almost through the metric shitload of queries he received when the Snarklings invaded. So I figured, what the hell, and am sending to him, too. *headdesk*

In other news, I’ve also decided on insanity and am going for the Three Day Novel marathon. Not officially, because I’m not spending $50 for something that’s biased towards lit-fic (which I don’t think I could write if I tried). But it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done a marathon, dammit.

Which, of course, means I’m liable to come down with the Flu From Hell on Saturday. 🙄

Regardless, I’m itching to get into The Reaper’s Price, which I haven’t actually done anything with yet, and I hope at the very least I’ll make a decent dent in it. 🙂

Anyone else joining me? 😉

5 Replies to “Quaking in my little goth boots…”

  1. Unfortunately, the query didn’t make it into the Crapometer this round. Not surprising, as she got something like 600 submissions.

    However, it’s sitting in the Evil Editor’s queue. 🙂

    Considering that this is the query that’s already been shredded by the Divas, hopefully it won’t come back in too many pieces. 😉

  2. Thanks, Jordan, but I think it’s more a factor of arrogance confidence 😉 than anything else.

    Then again, I used to be a member of a crit group called Severe Literary Masochists. I’m used to shredding. 😀

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