The Reaper’s Price

The Reaper’s Price
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Progress so far on The Reaper’s Price. As usual when I decide to do a marathon, something cropped up. This time it’s not a flu, but my back has been hurting really badly lately. I’m not sure what’s up with it, but it’s been spasming a lot and much more tense than usual. Put it this way, bad enough to break out the Vicodin I had leftover from a tooth extraction. (Last time I took one for anything was over a year ago, if that gives you an idea.)

Still, I’m making some amount of progress in the WIP, which I’m happy for. The first scene was a little — okay, more than a little — rough because I was trying to get into the character’s voice, but after that, so far, so good. I’m adoring my male lead. He’s an ass and a rogue. But a chivalrous one. 😀

Might not make a 3 Day Novel, but I’m at least getting a good start on this WIP. 🙂

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