That was just soooo much fun…

Yeah, right.

Around 5AM yesterday morning, I started having severe pain in my back, about an inch to the right of the spine, mirrored at my abdomen. Thinking that it might possibly be muscle tension and pain, I took a muscle relaxant and an ultram.

Both of them did absolutely nothing. Instead, the pain got worse, to the point it felt like I had something stabbing, and I thought I was going to either throw up or pass out — or both. I did a bit of research online and it looked like the top three issues with those symptoms were a kidney infection, kidney stones, or appenticitis.

In other words, nothing to fuck around with. I don’t drink anywhere near as much water as I should, so I consider myself predisposed for kidney/bladder problems (amazingly, haven’t had any issues to this point *knocks on wood*). My aunt had appenticitis around my age, too, so… yeah. I called the off-shift doctor at my doc’s office to confirm, and he said that I probably should go into the ER then (6AM) because I’d get treated faster than if I went later in the afternoon.

My male, however, was at work, and wouldn’t get home till about noon. Since it wasn’t “urgent,” I expected that I’d need to pop a vicodin (still have some leftover from tooth extraction a year and a half ago) and wait. But he’s like, “Um. No. I’m coming home and we’re taking you to the doctor now.

As my doctor and the hospital network are in Boston, we ended up going to one out-of-network (but still covered by insurance) nearby, the Caritas Norwood Hospital. We got there around 7:30/8ish and I got whisked into the back faster than I expected. As in, I’d pick up my book to read and someone would call me to get my vitals taken, get the registration done, get called back… yeah.

They did urine tests, blood tests, and an ultrasound. They didn’t actually medicate me for pain till I got the ultrasound results back around noonish (at which point I asked my male be brought in from the waiting room, which they did very promptly), because what they gave me would depend on what was wrong. I don’t have a kidney stone or infection, but something in my blood counts was high, so they were very concerned about appenticitis.

So the nurse had me drink this stuff that tasted like banana kaopectate (if there is such a thing) and hooked me up with 2mg of morphine. It took down most of the pain but didn’t kick it all so after an hour or so, she gave me another dose, and… um. That’d be the first time in about three years that I haven’t hurt at all, which is disturbing, in a way. Cause even through ultram or vicodin, I still hurt. Just not as much. Nice to know, though, that I don’t react badly to morphine. Reacted with me a bit like ultram, actually, only stronger on the pain-killing side.

On the somewhat amusing side, I was bored out of my mind at this point, having finished the books I brought (and my directionally clueless male isn’t familiar with Norwood so couldn’t go buy me something at a convenience store), so I sent him to get some scratch paper from the nurses. Finished part of a chapter, got brought in to get the CAT scan done, came back, finished the chapter and started another….. 😛

Around 6PM (they were swamped that day; the nurse actually said it was unusual how many people they had in), the doc came in again to talk to me. The CAT scan results came back fine. I don’t have appendicitis and they didn’t show anything else wrong in either the abdomen or pelvic region (as they did both to be thorough).

They suggested that given my PCOS and enlarged ovaries, it may be gynecological (the nurse mentioned that if I’m ovulating, it could cause that sort of pain with the PCOS… but I’m pretty sure birth control is supposed to prevent ovulation), and offered to schedule me an appt with their clinic there… but as my network is up in Boston, that really wouldn’t work, insurance being picky and all that.  So they discharged me with a script for vicodin (nothing stronger because if it got worse, the doc wanted me to know it rather than have it completely masked by a strong narcotic) and I have an appt with a gyn at my primary doc’s office in the morning.

I’m still hurting but nowhere near as bad… hopefully, we can find out what’s wrong. If something’s wrong. (I mean, I would hope I wouldn’t end up on morphine for nothing.)

*sighs* I hate my body.

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