Regarding the doctor’s visit, I didn’t actually go till Thursday. (I ended up rescheduling because I had bad insomnia the night before and was afraid I’d fall asleep on the bus… which would not be a good thing when I don’t know the area too well.)

Of course, they had no clue what happened. The doctor was very sympathetic, but utterly baffled. Basically, she asked me to get the records transferred and they’d take a look and see if maybe the other hospital had missed something on the ultrasound or CT scan. And if the pain came back, to come in again.

So I come back home, and the phone’s ringing as I walk through the door. It’s my mom, and I chat with her a bit about the whole medical experience. And she’s like, “Extreme pain about the middle of the back, feels like someone threw a knife across the room into it?”

Me: “Exactly!”

Apparently, except for the location, it’s precisely the same sort of thing she and everyone else in her family who hasn’t had their gall bladder removed goes through every so often. How lovely. She said if it’s one or more small gall stones, it wouldn’t necessarily show up on a CT scan, and mentioned a home remedy to try that’s worked for her. Olive oil and beets, oddly enough. o.O

I figure it can’t hurt to try. 😛

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  1. At least you have an idea of what it may be. But olive oil and beets? You eat them? *wrinkles up nose* I’m not a huge fan of beets, but I’m even less a fan of stabbing pain, so I’d probably give the home remedy a shot too.

  2. Well it’s better to have some idea what it could be than to be completely in the dark. I hope the beets work. I have a great recipe for beet jelly (tastes like a really delicious strawberry jelly, only better) if you need tasty alternatives.


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