The Twilight Deception released today!

The Twilight Deception releases from Cobblestone Press today!

Here’s a brief blurb, if you’re interested:

When the FBI receives word of vampire-related murders, they order tough-as-nails resident witch Arielle Thompson to investigate. But the last thing Arielle expects is to have her butt saved by a friendly vampire who claims he’s tracking the master vamp responsible for the murders.

Despite her wounded pride, Arielle can’t help her inexplicable attraction to this sexy-as-sin vampire who calls himself simply “Jackson.” He reluctantly informs her that their enemy is far more powerful than reports said — and his powerbase is only increasing.

Arielle and Jackson must team up to stop him, before he grows too powerful to defeat.

Click here to read an excerpt.

Wanna buy it? Click here.

In celebration of the release, I’ll be holding a contest for a free copy of The Twilight Deception. Comment to this post with a number from 1-30, and the person closest to the number I’m thinking of wins. 🙂

8 Replies to “The Twilight Deception released today!”

  1. Ooh!
    I saw the cover for this way back on RD, and thought, “Hey, the couple on this cover look just how I envisage the couple in ‘Waking the Shadows’.” And then today I read on someone’s blog that actually this is the prequel to ‘Waking the Shadows’. Yay!
    And, um…28. 🙂

  2. HI! How you doing?

    Your cover’s great! And the book sounds very interesting… so I’m going to have a go at this contest. Okay, I’m guessing the number 7! : )

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