I was going to write a rant…

… about Holly Lisle’s recent Chain Bookstores Are Evil post, but the Ja(y)nes at Dear Author said what I was going to far better than I could. *applauds*

And before Ms. Lisle sees the trackback ping and comes to bitch me out like she’s done to the folks over at Dear Author, when you say the following:

To understand why chain bookstores are the Villians of Bookselling, first you have to understand how books are sold right. So we’ll look at the Heroes of Bookselling, independent (or indie) bookstore owners and booksellers.

You are insinuating that the chain bookstores are “evil.”

… hell, I still might write that rant.

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  1. I just ordered a book from my local independent bookstore. I’ve done it a few times in the last couple months. They don’t seem to get it that readers like romance. They carry some, but not many. I’m starting to get irritated about it.

  2. If I had a local independent bookstore that stocked romance, science fiction, fantasy, and other genre novels, I’d gladly shop there.

    Until recently, the only indie bookstore that’s easily accessible (I’m sure there’s ones in Boston or Providence, but I’d rather not deal with big cities on a regular basis) was a tiny bookshop down the road. They catered primarily to literary tastes, though they had some children’s/YA books, along with a shelf of NYT bestsellers.

    Heavens forbid you so much as glance at the meager amounts of romance on the shelf. Oh, and they didn’t have SFF at all, outside of some stuff in the kiddie section.

    They’ve closed sometime in the past year, and I can’t say I’m not glad for it. Maybe something else will open in its place. Not like it’s any skin off my nose, as I couldn’t buy anything there anyway. I’d rather drive 45 minutes to the mall in Attleboro to go to the Borders and not get shit for what I read. I’ve never been treated badly there, not even when I made this poor guy go hunting for the new Nocturne romances in the back.

    Indies are not God. Chains are not the Devil. Period.

  3. LOL. I with I had a Waldenbooks nearby. The nearest chain store is about a 25 minute drive, a Barnes & Noble. It has the romance section on the second floor in the corner, behind the SF and mysteries. Like romance is something to be hidden — except when they’re taking our money. Waldenbooks is much more romance friendly, at least the one way on the other side of town is.

  4. Oh, hmm, guess it’s all about experience lol. I managed a bookstore in the early 90s that was awesome. B. Dalton’s, before the huge chains, employees who were really knowledgeable in certain areas. It was wonderful. Got an offer a couple years ago from BAM and it lasted about a week. Big chain store. Employees who didn’t care about books. Store policy that said alphabetical order wasn’t really important. Man, I hate that store. Right now, it’s really the only game in town. We have a usb that also sells some new. The thing is I go to BAM or Waldens and I get at least 10% off. I spend so much on books, this is a big deal lol. The cool thing is my usb does have an awesome romance section. They’re more likely to have what I want than the chains. Just can’t win, I guess.

  5. Ew. That sucks, Lori. I’ve known some specific chain bookstores that sucked ass, too. As a whole, I’ve had better luck with chains than indies.

    Actually, that’s not true. I’ve had better luck with indie used bookstores. Almost every one I’ve been to has had a huge romance section, and the staff have been awesome. I can’t say the same for the indies that sell mainly new books, though.

    In my experience, the new/used bookstores don’t have as huge a selection of new books. Usually, it’s new books by the big name romance authors and a couple other lesser-knowns — and hardly any SFF. At this point, about 40-50% of my book purchases are SFF. 😛

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