Yeah, yeah… long time no post…

I hate winter. I truly hate it. Okay, that’s not totally accurate. I hate fall leading into winter. Once December is over with, I’m usually good. (Read: Once the whole light situation starts sorting its sorry ass out. Gotta love hate seasonal affective disorder.)

At least this year, I haven’t been depressed (more than my usual mood swings). The SAM-e I’ve been taking has worked very well for that, and it’s nice not to be fatalistic about, oh, everything all the time. 😛 I’ve just been exhausted and drained, in part due to dreading holiday obligations with the in-laws.

I think most everyone who reads this blog has probably already seen at Romance Divas or my LiveJournal, but just in case… Alan Morgan and I were married on December 20th. We kept it a small affair, in the office of our local town clerk (who is also a Justice of the Peace). Paul, who might as well be his brother, and his girlfriend came along and took pictures. If you’re interested in seeing the pics, click here. (Be warned of the impending cleavage. Ironically, my mother sent me the dress. ^_^)

… which means I now get to update everywhere I’ve had a bio mentioning him as “fiancé.” Dear gods. 😯

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