You know what I was saying about Nocturne?

After the utter mindfuck that was Eternally and Haunted, I haven’t gotten around to reading the other two Nocturnes (Death Calls and Dangerous Temptation) I’ve had around. When reading a book results in irritation-induced insomnia… yeah. 😕

Morgan and I were at Walmart the other day, and they had the January releases out. I thought about getting them, but ultimately decided against it. I’ve had enough trouble sleeping lately without having to deal with another wallbanger.

I know two books isn’t much to judge a line by, but … meh. I liked the two books I read, but not enough to want to risk reading something as craptacular as that.

Am I being irrational here, or is anyone else feeling the same way? 😕

2 Replies to “You know what I was saying about Nocturne?”

  1. I’m still reading them, though there are a couple of authors I won’t read again. I’m willing to give the new-to-me authors a chance. There are a couple of authors thus far I’ll buy again but mostly… I’m hoping later books get better. Someone reported that the Bombshells got better toward the end of their run. I’m hoping it doesn’t take the thread of closing the line to make that happen again.

  2. Same here, on the new-to-me authors. Part of why I didn’t buy this months’ releases was because one is the sequel to Death Calls, which I haven’t gotten around to reading, and the other is a werewolf book. *wrinkles nose*

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