The male’s appt…

Since at least one person wanted an update 😉 … Morgan’s appointment went decently well. She scripted him a muscle relaxant to deal with the tension from the almost constant migraines, and referred him to several different specialists. He needs to see a neurologist for the migraines, a rheumatologist for the possible fibro/arthritis, and a cardiologist for the hypotension.

My poor male is going to be in and out of Boston a lot this next couple months. 😕

Hopefully, they manage to find something out. On the bright side, he took the Baby (read: laptop) with him since he has a half hour train ride and about forty-five minutes of train/bus to get there (and that’s just one-way). While on various forms of public transit, he wrote some 1700 words. This from my male who usually writes 300-600 at a stretch. He’s not too happy with my suggestion that he should go to the doctor if only for the word count. LOL.

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  1. Thanks for the update. 😉

    Glad the appointment went well; hope the next several are even better. Fibro’s a bitch. 😐

    Heh, and congrats to Storme on the word count! 😀

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