Book Pimp: A Different Tune

L.K. is a good friend of mine from RD. If you’ve got a spare minute and the inclination, check this out. 🙂

(And I’ll update for real soon. I promise. >_<) ON SALE NOW!

When former paratrooper Scott Riley returns home from the war, he has
one aim—to meet the girl of his dreams, Cassie Wright. Cassie has been
his penpal, and his light at the end of the tunnel through most of his
war experience. He goes to her hometown on the Gulf Coast of Florida
with marriage on his mind only to find that she has other plans for her
future. A talented pianist, Cassie has been accepted to a prestigious
music conservatory in Jacksonville. Will she give up her dreams for
Scott, or will he chase hers?

A DIFFERENT TUNE is my third World War II-era historical. Read the four sneak peeks I’ve posted on my
MySpace Blog
or Visit A Different Tune Homepage for purchase info and to download a 2-chapter preview.

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