For those of us not attending Nationals …

Since there’s several people who aren’t able / don’t want to attend the annual RWA conference, here’s some of the things going on around the web this week:

  • Book in a Week! I’m running a writing challenge this week over at Romance Divas. Basically, the way it goes, you figure out a goal for this week, write/edit your butt off, and check in for cheers and booyahs. 😉 More info here.
  • Lucy Monroe is holding a Blog Party the entire week, with lots of nifty prizes. There’s lots of cool topics — and all you have to do to be entered in the contests is comment!

Have fun! 😀

The First Sale

Posting this again because it’s closer to the deadline…

As some of y’all know, we’ve been doing author interviews over at Evolution, the writing community I co-administrate. One of the other admins and I were brainstorming the other day and we’d like to do something a little bit different …

Here’s the deal. We’re looking to feature a quasi-collaborative essay about writers’ first sales. What counts? Anything — a novel to New York, a novella to an epublisher, a short story to a big name market or your college newspaper … whatever. If it counts to you, then it counts for this.

Feel like being chatty about losing your first sale virginity? 😉 Great. Write whatever you’d like, as long as it relates to the subject of your first sale. Also, the essay should be under 500 words, as I imagine there should be a fair bit of response to this.

Send me the essay at [email protected] — and please, just post it in the body of the email. With something this short, it’ll be easier than trying to manage attachments. Also, include your name/pseudonym and a link to your website, which we’ll post along with your essay. 🙂

The deadline will be midnight on July 31st.

If there’s any questions, please feel free to post here or drop me an email. If you’d like to forward this along to other groups/loops/etc, go right ahead.


Cobblestone Press Q&A at Evolution

Join us August 11th, 12th, and 13th at Evolution for an event you won’t want to miss. The ladies from the hot new epublisher, Cobblestone Press, will be dropping by for a full-fledged Q&A. Here’s the preliminary lineup, with perhaps more to come:

Karen Erickson
Cora Zane
Marie Kulhane
Lucie Simone
H.A. Fowler
Madison Layle
Brandi Broughton
Shelli Stevens
Sara Dennis
Crystal Jordan
Tempest Knight
Susan Greene
Charlene Sands
A.L. Debran

Sable Grey
Deanna Lee

Brandi Loyd (managing editor)
Rochelle Weber
Susan Greene

Ever had a burning question you wanted to ask about editing, writing for epublishing, the business? Or just been curious and want to find out more? Stop by and let it all out. This should be a real blast. 😀

Feel free to pass this on. 😉


I won the Short Synopsis Contest over at RD! *bounce* I never place in these things, LOL.

Very awesome contest, though. I judged all the other entries — I had to do something on the plane — and it was very educational. I’ve entered some of their other contests before, like the Best 5 Page Scene one, and found them fun, but not quite as practically useful for me. This, on the other hand, kicked ass. 😀

Book in a Week!

June 24 – 30 is Book in a Week at Evolution. I know some of y’all who read my blog have been having difficulties attaching seat to chair… so maybe this will provide some incentive. 😉

The FAQs:

What is Book-In-A-Week?

It’s a 7 day challenge designed to let you write without worry about pesky rules, inner editors, or stuffy internal critics. Our book in a week challenges will run from Saturday to Friday, your time zone.

Do I have to write a whole book in the week?


You can pick your own challenging goal. For example, if on a normal day you write three pages (750 words), you might want to declare a goal of five or six pages for each day.

Pages and word counts seem to be the preferred methods of keeping track. Feel free to pick another if it’s more logical to you.

Do I have to work on a book at all?


Your goal can be on anything writing related. The only rule is that you must be writing new material. Maybe you want to set a goal of a short story a day, or an article a day. Term papers and essays for school can also count.

Can I edit a book during the week?

Not really.

The purpose of the challenge is to have fun and just write. Editing tends to invite those pesky inner demons: critic and editor. For this week we’d like you to set them aside.

Check out the Missions for some editing/revising specific challenges which will run in two month blocks throughout the year.

Interested? Click here.

Paranormal Worldbuilding Q&A at RD

One of the writing communities I’m a member of, Romance Divas, is hosting a paranormal (somewhat equivalent to dark urban fantasy) worldbuilding Q&A this weekend. Their “official” announcement:

Want to know how to create realistic vampire, alien, werewolf worlds? All you have to do is ask. Romance Divas is hosting a 3 day Q & A with some of the hottest names in the Paranormal Genre on the 9th, 10, and 11th in the Diva Forum classroom.

Authors attending:

Kelley Armstrong
PC Cast
Karen Chance
CJ Barry
Deidre Knight
Robin Owens
Shanna Swendson
Gena Showalter
Lynn Viehl
JR Ward

You’ll need to register, but that takes all of a couple minutes, and it’s well worth dropping by. 🙂

May’s Progress (and a couple announcements)

I compiled my wordcount for last month … total: 21699.

Wow. The most I’ve written in a month in a few years has been 10k. Whee.

I wrote or did something writing-related like editing almost every day. There were six days where I didn’t get anything done — considering my various health problems, I don’t think that’s bad. 🙂

In other news, we just posted interviews with Piers Anthony and Kelley Armstrong over at Evolution. Go take a look!

We’ve also started a book review blog. I’ll be posting regularly — my review of Deidre Knight’s Parallel Attraction is up now — and we have other reviewers, too. I’m pretty excited about this. 🙂

All for now… still catching up on stuff that I got behind on this week. 🙄

The Twenty Worst Agents List

I figure by now most everyone has heard of the hullabaloo surrounding Barbara Bauer and Absolute Write. If you haven’t, check out Making Light for the full scoop.

Because I strenuously object to this level of idiocy, I’m posting the list here.


* The Abacus Group Literary Agency
* Allred and Allred Literary Agents (refers clients to “book doctor” Victor West of Pacific Literary Services)
* Capital Literary Agency (formerly American Literary Agents of Washington, Inc.)
* Barbara Bauer Literary Agency
* Benedict & Associates (also d/b/a B.A. Literary Agency)
* Sherwood Broome, Inc.
* Desert Rose Literary Agency
* Arthur Fleming Associates
* Finesse Literary Agency (Karen Carr)
* Brock Gannon Literary Agency
* Harris Literary Agency
* The Literary Agency Group, which includes the following:

Children’s Literary Agency
Christian Literary Agency
New York Literary Agency
Poets Literary Agency
The Screenplay Agency
Stylus Literary Agency (formerly ST Literary Agency)
Writers Literary & Publishing Services Company (the editing arm of the above-mentioned agencies)

* Martin-McLean Literary Associates
* Mocknick Productions Literary Agency, Inc.
* B.K. Nelson, Inc.
* The Robins Agency (Cris Robins)
* Michele Rooney Literary Agency (also d/b/a Creative Literary Agency and Simply Nonfiction)
* Southeast Literary Agency
* Mark Sullivan Associates
* West Coast Literary Associates (also d/b/a California Literary Services)

Two pieces of good news…

First off, I got my cover for Waking the Shadows today. Click here to see it. 🙂

Secondly … I finished Resurrection! After the absolute hell I’ve gone through with this damn thing, I’ve finally finished it. Total wordcount: 53610

I’m going to post the total manuscript for my crit partners to look over and hopefully get to rewriting it in short order. As the first sixteen chapters were written three years ago, I think that’s enough time to let it sit. 😉