Updated website

I updated emdrake.com with a revamped short story page (yeah, I know I just put it up; I didn’t like it), poetry, and links to reviews of Waking the Shadows. 🙂

Questing For Titles

I’ve been referring to Resurrection and ArielleWIP for awhile now, but … both are working titles. Resurrection was never supposed to be the final title, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to call the damn thing.

So I sat down yesterday and decided to come up with them. Trying to come up with titles is a royal pain in the ass. I ended up looking at song lyrics and titles for inspiration — a lot of the gothic music I listen to has very complex, poetic lyrics, so I thought it might help. And it did — to the point I got more than one title out of it. 🙂

A Passion Draconic
This will be the new title for Resurrection. I think it fits, because the hero is a dragon shapeshifter. It doesn’t much describe the heroine, but I don’t think I can without having an overly complicated title.

A Caress Vampiric
This book takes place in the same setting — kind of. It’s about the son of a vampire who discovers he is a necromancer and ends up crossing over to the world of A Passion Draconic. I’m actually revamping this one from game notes from a game I GM’d — all the characters and worldbuilding are mine; I just need to excise some of the stuff the other player added that I don’t want to use. 🙂

A Kiss Serpentine
I have no idea what the plot for this is going to be, but I’d intended to do something with the serpent shapeshifters, so … 🙂

Deceived by Twilight
This will be the title for ArielleWIP. I didn’t want anything overly “romance”y for a title. My first two thoughts were The Assassin’s Embrace and Kiss the Blade, but I think this works better for what the story is.

Beyond the Veil
The title for the second Arielle & Jackson novella, if I should write it. I’m thinking that one will deal with the portal reopening and Jackson’s past coming back to hit them both in the face.

How do you come up with your titles? Any new and interesting ones you want to share? 🙂

Enter the Photo Slut

Okay, well, not really. I only took a few pictures this morning, because I recently dyed my hair and I wanted to get pics before it fades. (That and the photo I have up is about a year old at this point.)

So, if you’re interested, clicky the link below. (I hope this shows up in people’s RSS. I’ve never tried it before. >_< ) Continue reading “Enter the Photo Slut”


I won the Short Synopsis Contest over at RD! *bounce* I never place in these things, LOL.

Very awesome contest, though. I judged all the other entries — I had to do something on the plane — and it was very educational. I’ve entered some of their other contests before, like the Best 5 Page Scene one, and found them fun, but not quite as practically useful for me. This, on the other hand, kicked ass. 😀

Catching up…

It’s been a … very stressful couple of weeks. I’d rather not go into detail, but suffice it to say I’ve only started trying to get back into the “routine” the last three or four days. It’s been somewhat difficult, because I’m trying to work on Stronger, revising Resurrection, and work on another piece all at the same time. I’ve — never actually managed to do this before. Every other time I tried, I ended up working on one piece more than the other — or giving up on all three.

However, I really have to figure out to make it work, because it’s the most effective use of my time.

Oh! Somebody pointed out to me last evening that they were having trouble leaving comments because it said you needed to be registered. Apparently there was a check-box somewhere that I didn’t see requiring registration. I went ahead and disabled that, so y’all should be able to comment with no problems. 🙂

Also, regarding the website, I decided to modify an earlier design and use that instead of taking forever to muck with CSS. Spent most of today adding content. There’s still some stuff I want to add — resource links, more stuff about the fiction, etc — but you can check it out here. Let me know what you think. 😀

Well, that settles *that* …

So I went back to Boston to talk with the endocrinologist about the results of the ultrasound and blood tests. I have PCOS. I’m also apparently insulin resistant.

Yay. /sarcasm

On the bright side, apparently the testosterone levels evened out after I went on the pill; she suggested switching me to a different birth control pill which limits how the testosterone affects your system (for the excessive hair growth). So after this month, I’m trying Yasmin … not too concerned about it, because it’s a low dose pill like the one I’m currently on; the main difference is in the type of progesterone used.

In regards to the insulin resistance, she said she could put me on meds, but everything considered, exercise and a glycemic factor-based diet were probably my best options. (It’s not like I shouldn’t be exercising more with the fibro in the first place.)

*sighs* At least now I know what’s going on and can get back to “normal” … the commute to Boston this past week has just been draining.

May’s Progress (and a couple announcements)

I compiled my wordcount for last month … total: 21699.

Wow. The most I’ve written in a month in a few years has been 10k. Whee.

I wrote or did something writing-related like editing almost every day. There were six days where I didn’t get anything done — considering my various health problems, I don’t think that’s bad. 🙂

In other news, we just posted interviews with Piers Anthony and Kelley Armstrong over at Evolution. Go take a look!

We’ve also started a book review blog. I’ll be posting regularly — my review of Deidre Knight’s Parallel Attraction is up now — and we have other reviewers, too. I’m pretty excited about this. 🙂

All for now… still catching up on stuff that I got behind on this week. 🙄

Progress … or lack thereof …

I haven’t managed to get much done the past few days. Started in on Chapter 13 late Tuesday night, but only got about 375 words done. Morgan had come down with a pretty bad cold — he ended up calling out of work — and I was starting to catch it myself.

Felt better the next morning after I got some sleep, though. I was feeling unusually social and restless, so decided to go out to Club Hell, a goth club down in Providence. Morgan didn’t come along, cause he was still feeling pretty crappy.

But… I love my male. As I’m walking out the door: “Have fun! Hook up with a hot wench!” LOL.

So danced for awhile, realised for the millionth time that no, I’m really not into guys 🙄 and left when the club closed around 1-ish. Was much fun, and my legs are nowhere near as bad off today as I thought they’d be. So, woohoo!

Figure I’ll start to do a bit of work on revising Resurrection and then start on Stronger this evening 🙂

This is a new one on me…

Insomnia’s not an uncommon problem for me. It’s nowhere near as much of one for me as it is for some people — I know folks who can’t get more than three or four hours of sleep a night because of it.

Now, I’ve had lots of different reasons for insomnia. What’s most common is that I’m just not tired. Or that I’m worried. Or that I hurt. Or that I got distracted reading a book or playing a game or something and hit the “overtired” point. 🙄

But… I don’t think I’ve ever been unable to get to sleep before because I couldn’t stop thinking about the damn WIP.

Toss. Turn. Book. Toss. Turn. Book. Toss. Turn. Write. No go sleep. Write. Toss. WRITE. Turn. BOOK. Toss. BOOK. Turn. WRITE.

After a good twenty minutes of this, I finally said screw it and got up.

So here I am, starting to work on another chapter. 🙄

Not like I’m complaining about progress, but … uh … I’d like to sleep sometime!