Regarding the novellas…

I mentioned awhile back I was working on developing a couple of novellas potentially for FB. I’ve been working the most on the Valkyrie idea, but I’ve been beating my head into a brick wall on it the past week or so. I think … it needs more simmering time. There’s something “off” and I’m not quite sure what.

However, the main problem I had with the second one — a follow-up of sorts to Waking the Shadows — just clicked the other night. I wanted to write when Arielle and Jackson first met and continue later, but I wasn’t sure how to do it… but I figured out an external plot that I think will mesh nicely with it.

So, I talked to Faith about it. For some reason, I don’t think outlining is the best way to go with this. I’m going to write the novella — which I think should end up around 30kish — and then submit it. 🙂

I think it’ll also be easier to switch between this WIP and Stronger, as they’re both in the same setting. Anyway, I finished the first chapter at 2510. A short snippet:

Reynolds nodded curtly, then his face softened. “You’re the best we’ve got, Ari. We’re stuffed to the gills with psychics and hearthwitches, but you’re the only one with enough power to take down a vampire.”

Yeah. A vampire. One shouldn’t be a problem, even if it’s a sanguine. But if it’s a whole coven, I’m going to be screwed like a sorority girl doped up on Rophynol. With the entire football team. Yeah. So not looking forward to this.


I feel so behind.

In actuality, I know I’m not. Sunday, I got a chapter of Resurrection and a chapter of Stronger edited, and I took Monday off. (Much to the workaholic Muse’s dismay.)

The medical shebang continues. I haven’t had any problems with any of the medical staff at the Cambridge Hospital, but in order to get there, I have to catch the train, take the subway from South Station to Central Square, and then take a bus to Inman Square, where I walk about two or three blocks to the hospital. The commute is just … draining.

On the bright side, I did get some plot notes written out for ValkyrieWIP. I figured out the major reason I was having trouble plotting. The original story was mainly about the Valkyrie Svava, but the expansion should be about the romance between Svav/a (who is transsexual) and George, a mortal man that zhe sacrifices hir immortality for.

It’s going to be interesting to write, because I want to cover after they’ve “gotten together.” The beginning of the relationship isn’t the end of the story, it’s only the beginning.

But I digress. The problem is that while I have Svav/a fairly well characterised, I don’t know as much about George. Not good, since he’s the romantic interest. So I figure I’ll do a character bio here and get into his head. 🙂

The other thing I’m concerned about is that it might end up longer than I want … sigh. I also have to do some more research because I want there to be a conflict with the immortals. (Shut up, Loki.)

Overall, I’m really excited about this. 😀

My Muse Is A Workaholic

Today I wrote 2136 words, finishing two more chapters in Stronger. I really didn’t expect to end up rewriting as much as I am, but … *shrugs* Oh well. I think it’s coming out a lot better than originally, at least. 🙂

Also edited a chapter in Resurrection.

And I think I’m in the running for the Nitwit of the Week award here. I’d been bouncing emails back and forth with Faith at FB about a couple of possible novellas. I’m serious about the ideas, but wanted to gauge whether or not she would be before doing the development to turn the ideas into full-fledged premises/synopses. She asks me for a rough outline … and I’m still not “getting” that she’s interested. So I get an email saying that she needs something more solid to base a contract on — which floored me, cause I wasn’t even thinking contract. *sigh*

… I wish I could blame it on cramps and PMS, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have made the same mistake ordinarily. 🙄

So in addition to rewriting Stronger and revising Resurrection, I’ll be developing two novellas. I’m going to be a buuuusy kitty. (In a good way.) One of them should be reasonably easy, as I basically need to chart what I’ve already got from the story and develop it further. The other one, a follow-up to the Bites with Arielle and Jackson, will be a bit more complex as I’d like to potentially take that to short novel-length.

And here I am, thinking I’ll be heading to bed fairly shortly, and my Muse is going: “Nuh-uh! You don’t need sleep! You’ve got more work to do!”

My muse is a slave-driving workaholic hell-bitch. (And I love her that way, but don’t tell anyone, mmkay? ;))

May’s Progress (and a couple announcements)

I compiled my wordcount for last month … total: 21699.

Wow. The most I’ve written in a month in a few years has been 10k. Whee.

I wrote or did something writing-related like editing almost every day. There were six days where I didn’t get anything done — considering my various health problems, I don’t think that’s bad. 🙂

In other news, we just posted interviews with Piers Anthony and Kelley Armstrong over at Evolution. Go take a look!

We’ve also started a book review blog. I’ll be posting regularly — my review of Deidre Knight’s Parallel Attraction is up now — and we have other reviewers, too. I’m pretty excited about this. 🙂

All for now… still catching up on stuff that I got behind on this week. 🙄

Progress for the past couple days…

My gods. I feel so dead right now. Okay. Lemme backtrack a bit.

Yesterday (Saturday), I wrote a lecture for the class I’m teaching at Evo, which was a few hundred words. I also wrote two chapters in Stronger. One mostly just needed editing, but the other needed rewriting. So 1151 there. I also wrote 262 words in the next chapter.

Today, I wrote a book review (515 words), revised two chapters of Resurrection (about 5.5k), finished the Stronger chapter (adding 1244 words, totalling at 1506), and rewrote a friend’s synopsis (about 770 words).

My. Fucking. Gods.

I feel so dead.

Progress … or lack thereof …

I haven’t managed to get much done the past few days. Started in on Chapter 13 late Tuesday night, but only got about 375 words done. Morgan had come down with a pretty bad cold — he ended up calling out of work — and I was starting to catch it myself.

Felt better the next morning after I got some sleep, though. I was feeling unusually social and restless, so decided to go out to Club Hell, a goth club down in Providence. Morgan didn’t come along, cause he was still feeling pretty crappy.

But… I love my male. As I’m walking out the door: “Have fun! Hook up with a hot wench!” LOL.

So danced for awhile, realised for the millionth time that no, I’m really not into guys 🙄 and left when the club closed around 1-ish. Was much fun, and my legs are nowhere near as bad off today as I thought they’d be. So, woohoo!

Figure I’ll start to do a bit of work on revising Resurrection and then start on Stronger this evening 🙂


Didn’t get anything done yesterday outside of the chapter that kept me up way too late. 🙄

I think I’m fighting off a cold or something, because I’m sleeping a bit more and waking up feeling crappy. So far, though, it doesn’t seem to have hit me badly. *crosses fingers and hopes it stays that way*

Finished Chapter 12 at 1281 tonight. I could do more, but I think I’m settled with that. My fibro was acting up bad enough today for me to take a pain pill, so I’m a bit fuzzy. Not too badly, but I think I’ll kick back and play World of Warcraft for awhile. 🙂

How’s your day been?

Ch. 11 finished

Finished Ch. 11. I ended up doing a fair amount of editing. I added about 500 words — and then deleted about that much. 🙄

On the bright side, I think I can sleep now …

Today’s progress

Edited Chapter 09 earlier this afternoon, which resulted in about 228 added words. Then wrote 1101 words and finished Chapter 10 this evening. Whee!

Today’s progress…

Chapter 8 in Stronger than the Night finished. Came in a bit short, around 1100 words, but considering how many scenes I have outlined … this isn’t a bad thing. 🙂