Hit goal!

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Took me three frickin’ days, but I hit 1k … and I’m still not finished with the bio. >_really liking. As in, “Dammit! I want one!” like. (And no, Morgan, that’s not just because he’s felinoid. :P)

… and, of course, I would get an idea for a story for MuseMuggers … pirates, lady mages in towers, sex, destruction of the world … hoo boy. My mind seems to be on overdrive recently. And I’m lovin’ every minute of it. *grins*


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Almost at the halfway point … ended up in a fairly heavy discussion with one of my sisters earlier resulting in much thought, so I didn’t quite get as much done as I would’ve liked.

That said … I’m feeling very good about it all. I’ve been making progress, which is more than I can say for the past several months. I’ve been feeling better physically, as well, which I am very glad for. So … hopefully it’ll stay this way. Because I’m sick of feeling like shit. 😛

Got words

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Taking a break to eat at the moment. Being hypoglycemic sucks.

Well, I didn’t expect _that_ …

I just finished up a flash piece for one of Amme’s Word of the Day prompts over at Evolution. Came in at 328 words, and I’m rather pleased with it. 🙂

Link is here for anyone who would like to read; warning, though, you’ll have to be registered and logged in to view. 🙂


I finished the character bio!!! Wheee!!!

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I’m really rather pleased with how it came out. I learned a lot about the MC and her past, along with some worldbuilding information … now I need to do the hero’s, but I may let that one wait until tomorrow.


This would be more than I’ve written in … well … since I moved here, actually. And I managed to do this with a migraine, which makes me especially happy, because … well, it’s been a very long time since I’d actually done so. (I used to all the time, because there was a time period of about three or four months two years back where I would get a migraine almost every other day. Granted, I didn’t know they were migraines then, because I don’t get the visual disturbances–I get just about everything else, though … nausea, light and sound sensitivity, general physical and emotional oversensitivity …)

And I love my wonderful male. He brainstormed with me prior to working on the bio … it’s been a very, very long time since I had anyone I could brainstorm with on a regular basis. (Ex-fiance, before we got together IRL, actually … after I moved in with him, brainstorming turned into something that he could use against me … “I spent three hours discussing your WIP and now I’m emotionally exhausted and you don’t care about me or my WIP at all”–that sort of thing after I’d spent quite literally days discussing his with him. *rolls eyes*)

I really did miss it. And … *sigh* I’ve honestly always had trouble writing when I didn’t have someone for a “writing buddy.” I’ve had the same trouble the past couple years that I had before I joined a writer’s group in the first place. Meh. Sucks. But oh well. Have male now. Have very willing male. Er, that sounds wrong. Gah. Male willing to writhe with me–write, for fuck’s sake. Mreh.

Whee. Have I mentioned I have a tendency to babble when I’m up too long? Well, if you didn’t know before, you do now. 😉

And I’m going to shit up now before I typo anything else.

Um. Right. See what I mean?


Okay, got the post for the Sex & Sexuality thread done. That was … difficult.

And I’m staying up. So, hopefully, writing will happen tonight.

No, make that, writing will happen tonight. Dammit.

Oh! And see the nifty progress meter my male wrote!

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He’s still working on it–this’s beta version–but still … *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs*

There are serious advantages to having a geek male. 😉