I sold The Twilight Deception to Cobblestone Press.


Two sales in two days, one of which to a publisher I’ve been about dying to break into.


(I’m gonna get a swelled head at this rate.)

Submitted Twilight

So, I got crits back from people, implemented changes, formatted the MS properly, and submitted The Twilight Deception.



I finished The Twilight Deception today, at just under 20k words, which is just about what I was aiming for with the shorter novella. 🙂

I’ve sent the full manuscript out to my crit partners and beta readers. I think it’s ready to submit, based on reader reactions thus far, but I’d rather have them catch inconsistencies and typos than an editor. 😉 Once I get it back from them, I’ll probably go ahead and submit it.


A Change of Plans

Note to self: Remember to update blog more often. >_< Right, so there's been a change of plans -- among other things. First off, I've decided to switch the working title for Deceived by Twilight to The Twilight Deception so as to avoid confusion with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry novel. Just seemed like a better idea overall — and the new title, I think, hints more at the suspense side of the plot. (Yes, not only is it paranormal, it’s paranormal romantic suspense.)

Okay. Originally I’d intended to write the novella as a two-part story. The first would take place when they both met while hunting down a maste vampire who’d set up shop. The second would be a couple years later, when they discover that it wasn’t really as “wrapped up” as they thought. Yeah, I know it’s weird.

The main reason for doing this was because of continuity with Waking the Shadows; I’d only intended it as a single, stand-alone piece, so it didn’t matter too much. Except comments from readers — and very loud characters — well, convinced me otherwise.

I’m very close to the end of “Part I,” and I realised that it would be complete in and of itself. It doesn’t need “Part II.” The main concern is the level of sex in the story — while there’s an earlier quasi-sex scene, I hadn’t intended on there being anything else. Except there’s a perfect place for it to happen, that would be powerful and emotional … but that would break continuity.

>_< You see the dilemma. After talking with a few close writer friends, I eventually decided to say "Screw it" and go with what feels right. Even if it breaks continuity. I'll include a note for the people who read Waking the Shadows, but I think I need to go with what’s right for what will hopefully become a series. (Provided a publisher would be interested in a series of romance novellas around the same characters. Still not sure about that, but I’m gonna try. ^_^)

Current count:

The Twilight Deception
17151 / 20000 (85.76%)

I have the climax to finish (which is taking forever), a nice sex scene, and the denouement… and then I’m done. I figure it should go by pretty quickly once I’m past the stupid climax, as I know what happens in the next two scenes… not so much in this one. Sigh. I hate pantsing.


Deceived by Twilight
10293 / 30000 (34.31%)
I don’t know why this last scene took me so long to get through. Granted, it’s a fight scene, and I haaaaaaate those, but still … *shakes head*

Questing For Titles

I’ve been referring to Resurrection and ArielleWIP for awhile now, but … both are working titles. Resurrection was never supposed to be the final title, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to call the damn thing.

So I sat down yesterday and decided to come up with them. Trying to come up with titles is a royal pain in the ass. I ended up looking at song lyrics and titles for inspiration — a lot of the gothic music I listen to has very complex, poetic lyrics, so I thought it might help. And it did — to the point I got more than one title out of it. 🙂

A Passion Draconic
This will be the new title for Resurrection. I think it fits, because the hero is a dragon shapeshifter. It doesn’t much describe the heroine, but I don’t think I can without having an overly complicated title.

A Caress Vampiric
This book takes place in the same setting — kind of. It’s about the son of a vampire who discovers he is a necromancer and ends up crossing over to the world of A Passion Draconic. I’m actually revamping this one from game notes from a game I GM’d — all the characters and worldbuilding are mine; I just need to excise some of the stuff the other player added that I don’t want to use. 🙂

A Kiss Serpentine
I have no idea what the plot for this is going to be, but I’d intended to do something with the serpent shapeshifters, so … 🙂

Deceived by Twilight
This will be the title for ArielleWIP. I didn’t want anything overly “romance”y for a title. My first two thoughts were The Assassin’s Embrace and Kiss the Blade, but I think this works better for what the story is.

Beyond the Veil
The title for the second Arielle & Jackson novella, if I should write it. I’m thinking that one will deal with the portal reopening and Jackson’s past coming back to hit them both in the face.

How do you come up with your titles? Any new and interesting ones you want to share? 🙂

A Double Edged Blade

It really sucks to be working on the novella and all of a sudden, feel like complete shit about it. As in, getting very depressed every time I start to work on it again. Now, with somebody else, I might wonder about self-doubts or regular confidence issues, but 99% of the time, that isn’t the case with me.

No, it means I did something wrong.

Problem? I have no clue what. Both this scene and the last read fine to me, and they do to Morgan, as well — or, rather, fine in the sense that we can’t pick out what’s wrong. Something feels “off” … but neither of us have a clue what.

Trying to work on it till I figure it out? Is gonna be like pulling teeth — if not impossible.

Usually I don’t mind this, because it’s normally not that difficult to figure out the problem and continue writing. Most of the time, POV is the issue — except I’m writing this in first person, so it can’t be that. Sometimes I wish I could just keep writing and then come back to edit this when it’s finished — but I know if I do that, I’m going to wind up up really bad off.

It’s almost like a form of writer’s block, in a way — only it’s not. It’s my red flag: “Yo, bitch, fix this shit.” It’d be nice if it came with the problem spelled out for me.
*grumbles and kicks something*

Dammit. I want to work on this, too. *sigh*


5524 / 30000 (18.41%)

I completed Ch. 2 in the novella this afternoon. Considering everything that’s been going on, I’m glad to be making any progress. 🙂

… and I need to come up with a better title for this. 🙄

Regarding the novellas…

I mentioned awhile back I was working on developing a couple of novellas potentially for FB. I’ve been working the most on the Valkyrie idea, but I’ve been beating my head into a brick wall on it the past week or so. I think … it needs more simmering time. There’s something “off” and I’m not quite sure what.

However, the main problem I had with the second one — a follow-up of sorts to Waking the Shadows — just clicked the other night. I wanted to write when Arielle and Jackson first met and continue later, but I wasn’t sure how to do it… but I figured out an external plot that I think will mesh nicely with it.

So, I talked to Faith about it. For some reason, I don’t think outlining is the best way to go with this. I’m going to write the novella — which I think should end up around 30kish — and then submit it. 🙂

I think it’ll also be easier to switch between this WIP and Stronger, as they’re both in the same setting. Anyway, I finished the first chapter at 2510. A short snippet:

Reynolds nodded curtly, then his face softened. “You’re the best we’ve got, Ari. We’re stuffed to the gills with psychics and hearthwitches, but you’re the only one with enough power to take down a vampire.”

Yeah. A vampire. One shouldn’t be a problem, even if it’s a sanguine. But if it’s a whole coven, I’m going to be screwed like a sorority girl doped up on Rophynol. With the entire football team. Yeah. So not looking forward to this.