Wrote 563 words in At the End of the World, the story I’m doing for MuseMuggers. Feeling rather shitty at the moment (had a really bad hypoglycemic attack earlier), so I think I’m going to go off and take a bath. We’ll see how I feel afterwards; I may write more, or I may crawl off to bed. (Methinks it will be the latter, but who knows?)

Small snippet from the WIP:

“What is your business here?” Laesha, Archmage of Pyre Tower, shot an annoyed glance at the ruffian on her doorstep. He might’ve been handsome, were he not covered with dirt and grime, hair touseled with sea salt. His eyes caked near shut by the muck, she couldn’t even tell their color.

The man stared back at her, rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his salt-stiffened, water-stained coat. It looked to be of better quality than someone such as him could possibly afford. Her lips quirked as suspicion rose. “Have ye been unaware of the storm, milady?”

“I have not.” Did he think her an imbecile? No one could possibly have ignored the waves crashing against the island’s high cliffs, nor the wind blasting against her tower’s walls, and certainly not the lightning striking down trees which had stood untouched for centuries. Realization dawned on her. “You were out in the middle of that and survived?”

“Aye.” He ducked his head in a nod. “I did. My crew did not.”

She tightened her lips, lowering her head in an expression of sympathy. “I am sorry to hear of your loss, sirrah.” Thunder rumbled across the sky and lightning crackled. Even though she did not trust this man, she couldn’t just leave him at the mercy of the elements. Laesha extended her hand, beckoning. “Come. You have my hospitality until the storm passes.”

Hit goal!

Serrau’s CharBio
1066 / 1000 (106.60%)

Took me three frickin’ days, but I hit 1k … and I’m still not finished with the bio. >_really liking. As in, “Dammit! I want one!” like. (And no, Morgan, that’s not just because he’s felinoid. :P)

… and, of course, I would get an idea for a story for MuseMuggers … pirates, lady mages in towers, sex, destruction of the world … hoo boy. My mind seems to be on overdrive recently. And I’m lovin’ every minute of it. *grins*

Well, I didn’t expect _that_ …

I just finished up a flash piece for one of Amme’s Word of the Day prompts over at Evolution. Came in at 328 words, and I’m rather pleased with it. 🙂

Link is here for anyone who would like to read; warning, though, you’ll have to be registered and logged in to view. 🙂