A Passion Draconic

I got my cover for A Passion Draconic, my forthcoming release from Liquid Silver Books. The cover is designed by the lovely Anne Cain, who did an amazing job.

The blurb, if anyone’s interested:

Healer-Priestess Shaiandral would rather let the Dragonlord rot than save him. But when her Healer’s oath is called upon, she must rise above the contention between their two shifter tribes and travel to his realm.

When she arrives, the Dragonlord Veren is dying of a magical toxin. Shaiandral makes a sacrifice of her own blood to raise the required energy for healing, but her actions raise a demon from Veren’s flesh. A demon that can become incorporeal at will and is impossible to fight.

The demon gives her two options. She can either sacrifice her Oath-bound virginity to heal Veren–or she can become his new host. At first Shaiandral refuses, but faced with a choice between losing her virginal power or losing herself, she chooses the lesser of two evils. Taking hold of the rising energies, she threads them into a complex weave. Just when she thinks she’s failed, Veren takes a deep breath, returning to life. Using the power released in her orgasm, Shaiandral forces the demon into a wilting red rose, binding him forevermore.

Except Shaiandral has caused more problems than she’s solved. The sacrifice has left her with a sudden, consuming lust–and an inexplicable attraction to Veren, a man she should hate. Now, a demonic infiltration threatens both their realms. Can they overcome their differences and work together to stop this threat before the demons take hold once more?


So far, not so good on the Nano front: 2300 words. >_< Times like this I start to wonder why I keep signing up for this thing. After all, November's traditionally a hellish month for me. Between holidays, financial stress due to said holidays, Seasonal Affective Disorder (which seems to affect my fibromyalgia), and a shitload of "anniversary" stress due to the sheer number of times that November has sucked more balls than a drunk whore at a frat party....... Yeah. It doesn't help, either, that I managed to pull muscles from my forearm up through my shoulder to my back, and all around the right shoulder-blade. Compensating for the injury has led to strained muscles in my chest. Fun all around. 🙄 On the bright side, I'm happy with what I've written so far. That counts for something, yes? 😉

The Reaper’s Price

The Reaper’s Price
3202 / 5000 (64.04%)

Progress so far on The Reaper’s Price. As usual when I decide to do a marathon, something cropped up. This time it’s not a flu, but my back has been hurting really badly lately. I’m not sure what’s up with it, but it’s been spasming a lot and much more tense than usual. Put it this way, bad enough to break out the Vicodin I had leftover from a tooth extraction. (Last time I took one for anything was over a year ago, if that gives you an idea.)

Still, I’m making some amount of progress in the WIP, which I’m happy for. The first scene was a little — okay, more than a little — rough because I was trying to get into the character’s voice, but after that, so far, so good. I’m adoring my male lead. He’s an ass and a rogue. But a chivalrous one. 😀

Might not make a 3 Day Novel, but I’m at least getting a good start on this WIP. 🙂

Quaking in my little goth boots…

Or something like that. 😉

Miss Snark is opening the Crap-o-meter for submissions tomorrow. Basically, it’s a chance at a public (informative) shredding session of a query and first page.

Masochistic little me? So going for it.

Add to that, the Evil Editor is almost through the metric shitload of queries he received when the Snarklings invaded. So I figured, what the hell, and am sending to him, too. *headdesk*

In other news, I’ve also decided on insanity and am going for the Three Day Novel marathon. Not officially, because I’m not spending $50 for something that’s biased towards lit-fic (which I don’t think I could write if I tried). But it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done a marathon, dammit.

Which, of course, means I’m liable to come down with the Flu From Hell on Saturday. 🙄

Regardless, I’m itching to get into The Reaper’s Price, which I haven’t actually done anything with yet, and I hope at the very least I’ll make a decent dent in it. 🙂

Anyone else joining me? 😉


So I submitted A Passion Draconic (formerly known as Resurrection) to Liquid Silver’s contest and they asked for a revision… rewrote it, sent it back in… I heard from them yesterday.

They want to publish it. With one minor change, a scene I wasn’t sure about in the first place. But… they want to publish it.


Revisions are done!

I was going to post this earlier, but the server’d been down over the weekend… *grumbles*

I finished the revisions for A Passion Draconic!!! 😀

Currently, I have it out to my CPs and dedicated readers; once I get it back, I’ll go over anything they mention and then ship it out to LSB. *bounce*

Does this count as a request for a full?

I heard back from Rachel Fox at Liquid Silver the other day regarding A Passion Draconic. She said just to go ahead and send along the full novel.

So, now I need to make the edits, do a basic line edit on the rest of the manuscript to see if there’s anything I haven’t caught, and probably print it and run over it again, just to be sure. 🙂

Questing For Titles

I’ve been referring to Resurrection and ArielleWIP for awhile now, but … both are working titles. Resurrection was never supposed to be the final title, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to call the damn thing.

So I sat down yesterday and decided to come up with them. Trying to come up with titles is a royal pain in the ass. I ended up looking at song lyrics and titles for inspiration — a lot of the gothic music I listen to has very complex, poetic lyrics, so I thought it might help. And it did — to the point I got more than one title out of it. 🙂

A Passion Draconic
This will be the new title for Resurrection. I think it fits, because the hero is a dragon shapeshifter. It doesn’t much describe the heroine, but I don’t think I can without having an overly complicated title.

A Caress Vampiric
This book takes place in the same setting — kind of. It’s about the son of a vampire who discovers he is a necromancer and ends up crossing over to the world of A Passion Draconic. I’m actually revamping this one from game notes from a game I GM’d — all the characters and worldbuilding are mine; I just need to excise some of the stuff the other player added that I don’t want to use. 🙂

A Kiss Serpentine
I have no idea what the plot for this is going to be, but I’d intended to do something with the serpent shapeshifters, so … 🙂

Deceived by Twilight
This will be the title for ArielleWIP. I didn’t want anything overly “romance”y for a title. My first two thoughts were The Assassin’s Embrace and Kiss the Blade, but I think this works better for what the story is.

Beyond the Veil
The title for the second Arielle & Jackson novella, if I should write it. I’m thinking that one will deal with the portal reopening and Jackson’s past coming back to hit them both in the face.

How do you come up with your titles? Any new and interesting ones you want to share? 🙂

Reviews and other good news

Waking the Shadows received a 3 cups review at Coffeetime Romance and a 4.5 stars review at Euro-Romance. I’m quite pleased, especially with the one from ER. Good thing I’m working on the presequel, huh? 😉

In other news, I mentioned about a month and a half back that I’d entered Resurrection into Liquid Silver’s Satisfy Our Naughtier Side contest. It didn’t win, but I just heard back from Rachel Fox, the main editor. They rejected it, because they felt the heroine resurrecting the Dragonlord trodded too close to necrophilia, especially as a major plot element.

But … they said if I was willing to change this, they’d be happy to look at it again. 🙂

So I wrote her back and asked if they’d want to see just the edited partial or the full edited manuscript. Now, just to wait and see … *crosses fingers*

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

I’ve been working on Chapter 23 of Stronger … and it’s multi-POV. No, not omniscient or head-hopping, but I make direct scene breaks several times to switch POV between the hero and the heroine. It’s working a lot better than it would from just one perspective, because you get to see from the mind of both characters.

Thing is, I’m feeling very … weird about it. I’m not blocked or depressed or anything, but — this is something I’ve never done before. Yeah. Really.

Looking back, I used to participate in writing challenges at a community where chapters only counted if they were 1000 words. For some reason, I’d gotten into the habit of writing one scene per chapter, and I didn’t break that. Ever. Part of it is I’m obsessive compulsive — I want symmetry, dammit. I don’t notice lack of it in other work, but in mine, I want the same number of scenes per chapter, all the way through.

I don’t think it was ever a conscious decision, though. Just something I started doing and resisted heavily every time someone suggested a different tactic.

But … I’m really liking how this chapter is coming along. Cassandra, my heroine, is going out to be social at a goth club, and Alex is trailing her to try to lure her away and kill her. Except it goes a bit differently than both of them plan. 😉

It’s also coming out a bit longer than most of my scenes because of that, I think. 1500 words and I know I have at least another 500 to go.

So now I’m wondering if I don’t need to go back and fiddle with the POV on the rest of the earlier chapters … I dunno. I’ll save that for when I go over it again. Last thing I need is to get perfectionistic again.

I guess an ol’ bitch like me really can learn, after all. 😉

Anyone else have similar experiences?