Progress for the past couple days…

My gods. I feel so dead right now. Okay. Lemme backtrack a bit.

Yesterday (Saturday), I wrote a lecture for the class I’m teaching at Evo, which was a few hundred words. I also wrote two chapters in Stronger. One mostly just needed editing, but the other needed rewriting. So 1151 there. I also wrote 262 words in the next chapter.

Today, I wrote a book review (515 words), revised two chapters of Resurrection (about 5.5k), finished the Stronger chapter (adding 1244 words, totalling at 1506), and rewrote a friend’s synopsis (about 770 words).

My. Fucking. Gods.

I feel so dead.

Well, that makes me feel better …

Agent Kristin Nelson posted about novel length trends the other day, sprurring an interesting discussion in the comments thread.

Some while ago, I heard — and for the life of me, I can’t remember who said it, but I’m pretty sure it was an industry professional or an author — that publishers were wanting shorter and shorter books, even in SF/F. I believe the stated “recommended” wordcount was between 80k – 100k, though the writer mentioned that shorter wasn’t out of bounds.

This concerned me, because I’m going to be adding a fair amount of material to Stronger than the Night, and I could easily see it hitting 120k.

So when I hit this comment from Jennifer Jackson, I was quite pleased. Consider she’s one of the major SFF agents out there … yeah. Not going to worry too much about the whole wordcount thing.

*major sigh of relief*


Didn’t get anything done yesterday outside of the chapter that kept me up way too late. 🙄

I think I’m fighting off a cold or something, because I’m sleeping a bit more and waking up feeling crappy. So far, though, it doesn’t seem to have hit me badly. *crosses fingers and hopes it stays that way*

Finished Chapter 12 at 1281 tonight. I could do more, but I think I’m settled with that. My fibro was acting up bad enough today for me to take a pain pill, so I’m a bit fuzzy. Not too badly, but I think I’ll kick back and play World of Warcraft for awhile. 🙂

How’s your day been?

Ch. 11 finished

Finished Ch. 11. I ended up doing a fair amount of editing. I added about 500 words — and then deleted about that much. 🙄

On the bright side, I think I can sleep now …

This is a new one on me…

Insomnia’s not an uncommon problem for me. It’s nowhere near as much of one for me as it is for some people — I know folks who can’t get more than three or four hours of sleep a night because of it.

Now, I’ve had lots of different reasons for insomnia. What’s most common is that I’m just not tired. Or that I’m worried. Or that I hurt. Or that I got distracted reading a book or playing a game or something and hit the “overtired” point. 🙄

But… I don’t think I’ve ever been unable to get to sleep before because I couldn’t stop thinking about the damn WIP.

Toss. Turn. Book. Toss. Turn. Book. Toss. Turn. Write. No go sleep. Write. Toss. WRITE. Turn. BOOK. Toss. BOOK. Turn. WRITE.

After a good twenty minutes of this, I finally said screw it and got up.

So here I am, starting to work on another chapter. 🙄

Not like I’m complaining about progress, but … uh … I’d like to sleep sometime!

Today’s progress

Edited Chapter 09 earlier this afternoon, which resulted in about 228 added words. Then wrote 1101 words and finished Chapter 10 this evening. Whee!

Today’s progress…

Chapter 8 in Stronger than the Night finished. Came in a bit short, around 1100 words, but considering how many scenes I have outlined … this isn’t a bad thing. 🙂


After finishing Resurrection yesterday, I’d thought I might need to take a couple days break between projects. But I decided to look over the prior Stronger chapters, the outline, where I’d left off … and felt like writing. So I did. ^_^

Chapter Seven is completed, at 1549 words, putting the book at 14k. I have the sinking feeling I will need to trim bits when I do the final pass, but *shrugs* whatever. 🙂
I figure I’ll tackle the next chapter(s?) tomorrow.

And this makes … *checks* Huh. I’ve written almost every day this month — so far, there’ve only been four days I haven’t, and those were when I was hurting badly or had a migraine. Fwee.


Trimming the to-do list…

Or to be more precise, trimmed. 🙂

I’ve finished the Bites edits and will hopefully have more information on release date, etc, soon. I’ve had a lot of fun with this, even though I got crunched for time at the end of April. Granted, that’s cause I was starting at the wrong place and from the wrong POV. Kinda. I started over in first person instead of third, and it worked out a lot better. 🙄

Of course, now Arielle (the main character) is nagging me for a novel. >_< I also wrote the blurb for the stories:

The last thing Arielle Thompson needs is romance.

It’s tough enough risking your butt on a day-to-day basis fighting vampires, demons, and mud monsters for the FBI’s Paranormal Investigations Unit. Adding stress over dying and leaving a lover behind? No thanks. Besides, who needs a man when you’ve got a vibrator?

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Arielle from checking out her sexy as sin vampire partner, Jackson. While she knows he’s got the hots for her, neither of them have acted on their impulses.

But when they’re sent to investigate rogue demonic activity in backwater Louisiana, the dam bursts loose and everything heats up …

I hate writing blurbs, but I don’t think they come out too bad.

I finished the review of Fire and Ice yesterday and sent it off; I’ll put a link here when it’s up. 🙂

I still need to:

  • Finish Resurrection
  • Write Stronger than the Night query letter
  • Keep hammering away at CSS
  • Write A&B lecture on Stakes (not the vampiric kind)

Resurrection … hopefully I should have it finished soon. Yeah, I know I’ve been saying that for awhile now. Like, a couple months? 🙄 I’m half-way through this scene; I got stopped at a sex scene I didn’t feel like writing. (And I’m unfortunately one of those writers who really can’t just write [INSERT SEX] and keep going.)

So I’ve got to finish that scene, after which Veren and Shaiandral face down the villainess Xalidora. Having some second thoughts about the last scene, though — I think I’ll probably do it more as an epilogue than directly continuing, as I’d originally intended. *ponder*

The query letter shouldn’t be too difficult to write … but it’s kinda like blurbing. I hate doing them ’till I actually sit down and start banging away at it. 🙄

Same with the lecture, actually.

As for the CSS … well. I’m still plugging away. I haven’t really worked on it too much. I need to figure out the sidebar and then I think I should be good… I really don’t want to deal with something that’s too complicated, for the sanity of both myself and viewers. If you’d like to see what I’ve got so far, clicky da link. 🙂

In good news, I’m getting excited about working on Stronger again. Maybe cause the Bites are set in the same universe, though a bit further along in the chronology. I was playing World of Warcraft last night and had to stop to jot down a bit of dialogue that came to mind. Dialogue snips coming to mind like that, usually a good sign. 😉

The Scene From Hell

OK, made some progress yesterday on the Scene From Hell. I think I got roughly 1k done on it, but I haven’t finished it. However, I’m through the worst; I left off right around when the sex was starting. I just need to write that, and then I switch back to the heroine’s POV, which I’m much more comfortable with. (And, honestly, I’d thought the heroine’s scene was next — I’d completely forgotten about this one.)

With all luck, it should speed up. I haven’t gotten much written on Stronger, but between beating my head against the wall with this chapter, miscellaneous health issues/complications, and teaching A&B, I think I’m just glad to finally be making progress on the chapter. LOL.

I think I’ve gotten the inner critic to stop bitching about the supposed “head-hopping” in the scene. It’s really not, because the POV character is a telempath, and I establish that early in the scene. *shakes head*