Mreh …

Okay. Dammit. I need to write. I have two plotbunnies–two!!!–and a book to rewrite, on top of that. So, I need to do some prewriting on one of the bunnies … probably I’ll work on the cat-people one, as that’s calling me atm.

Romance between a felinoid warlord and a human tracker/ranger with both their peoples on the brink of war. Will be much fun. The idea actually came from a dream, which I typed up …

In the dream, I was a human female in a Tudor-style village. My uncle, one of the Queen’s lieutenants, came to me one day, and explained that the threat of the cat-people was increasing. They were raiding the villages, and they needed my help to scout out their locations.

I agreed, and went, in the middle of winter, over much snow. It was a very far ways from the village to the cat-people’s land … they lived by the ocean. I ended up on the beach; hundreds of the cat-people were gathered on the shore, and a tidal wave was coming in. I didn’t know how to swim; it was forbidden to my people, the in-landers, because it was something the cat-people did. I figured best to take my chances with the cat-people and ran for them. I ended up with a mother and her cubs, and noticed that the ears were almost human … hybrid.

The water came in, towards us, and the cat-people didn’t move back … it was coming up over the shore, and I thought that we were all going to drown. Then the cat-people combined magic; the water flowed over us like there was a shield protecting us.

When it passed, I tried to escape. I heard footsteps behind me, and I ran. The Warlord of the cat-people caught up with me and demanded to know why I was there. I explained … and realised that having been there, I didn’t want them dead like I had before. And, well, extreme lustage for the Warlord. He took me aside and told me that he did not have as much power as he wished, and that what I had heard was true; the cat-people had broken into dissent, with those that wished to live peacefully with the humans and others that wanted them dead. His son and the shaman were a member of the latter party.

We ended up having sex, and then heard the shaman and son coming up for us … so we fled. He knew that they would smell my scent on him, so came with me; we ran into my uncle along the way, who captured him and took him back to the Queen. She wanted to kill him, but decided to let him return in a gesture of good will… in hopes of attaining peace.

It will most certainly change as I prewrite, but that’s what I’m working with right now. 🙂

All righty … off to take bath, then try and get some work done.

Book meme

I’ve been tagged by Gina! *grins*

Total number of books I own: Umm. *thinks* At this point, somewhere around 100 – 150? Maybe 200? I haven’t actually gone in and counted recently. I didn’t do much reading or book-buying when I was in Texas … didn’t have the peace of mind to do so. So the majority of what I have is from when I was back in Washington… although my male seems bound and determined to correct this. 😉

Last Book I Bought: Morgan and I very recently went on a book-buying spree; a used bookstore in Providence, RI, was having a 40% off sale. And then upon unpacking the books I’d brought from WA to do an inventory, I realised that I was missing a good number of books by Marion Zimmer Bradley … as I scoured that bookshelf and the living room when I left TX, I’m guessing they probably fell into the box of my ex’s books that one of my housemates took down and sold at the used bookstore for me. >_Last Book I Read: I just finished reading Hidden Truth by Dawn Cook, second in a series. It’s a very good series, and as I don’t normally like “light” fantasy ….

Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me: Mrr. *thinks* This is a tough question to answer because most of what I could list are serials! 😛

The Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop
These books have always affected me very profoundly… I read them first when I was fourteen, just before the last one came out. They’re not light reading by any stretch of the imagination. An ongoing theme is the contrast between dark and light … and what’s really the darkness? I continue to find things every time I reread this trilogy that I missed priorly, which is unusual, to say the least.

The Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony
While much of his work, to be honest, is primarily aimed at horny teenage boys, I’ve always loved these books; they’ve made me look very closely at my own beliefs and question what I’d been told was right. And, hell, any series in which God is voted out and replaced with a woman–a prostitute, no less!–just rocks for ballsyness. *grins*

The Forbidden Tower by Marion Zimmer Bradley
I think this probably has to be one of the first books I read that introduced the concept of polyamory and group relationships in a positive fashion. (No, I never actually read Heinlein–yes, I know, I was a poor, depriaved child. :P) Along with that, it deals very intimately with the magic system of the world, which further piqued my interest in magic. (I always was interested, even when I was conservative Christian and didn’t want to admit it.)

The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce
These weren’t the first of her books I read, but they’re the ones I love the most. I’ve always had a weakness for the “girl must disguise herself as a male for x reason” plots, and this quartet is, quite honestly, the best; Tammy does not shy away from the important questions… like what a young girl does about menstruation and communal bathing while living as a page in a castle surrounded by men.

Writing the Breakout Novel (and companion workbook) by Donald Maass
And I really do have to put this here, because it’s affected my writing in very profound, deep ways. While I had barely competant fiction before reading this book … I think my fiction is very much the better for having read this and implemented his techniques.

Tagging: Anyone who wants to take this. 🙂

The beginning …

I hate writing opening posts. I bloody hate it. Then again, I don’t think anyone particularly likes doing it.

Anyway … most of y’all know me; if not, you should be able to figure it out fairly quickly by looking at my profile. 😉

So, I’ve been on LiveJournal for about two years after getting fed up with the way Google’d handled Blogger changes; why the hell did I decide to come back? It’s not that I’m disappointed with LJ at all; I’m certainly keeping my account there. The one big problem I have with LJ is that it’s a royal pain in the ass to customise your account at all. I can’t figure out S2, nor can any of the programmers I know. That said, the ability to friends-lock and filter entries is certainly worth it.

Anyway, the main reason I created the account is that the majority of the chicks over at Romance Divas use Blogger, so I figured I’d come back and see if it’d gotten any better … and I’m rather impressed, to be honest. Friends list capability would be nice, but since I use SharpReader, a feed aggregator, it’s really not that big a deal.

So, pretty much, I’m probably going to use this blog for tracking writing progress and general thoughts on writing. Personal entries will be over at LiveJournal … as will any long-term posting of WIPs, for reasons of publication rights. 🙂

See y’all around!